Law, Law Reform and the Family

Stephen Cretney · ISBN 9780198268710
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Stephen Cretney
Published 1st January 1999
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This collection of essays examine the process and problems of law reform with special reference to the development of family law. The author, Stephen Cretney, who is one of the UK's most distinguished family lawyers, demonstrates the different pressures and influences that affect the development of the law, including the views of judges, the advice of civil servants and the requirements of Parliamentary drafting to an extent which has not previously been
appreciated. Topics covered include the involvement of the Church in the 1969 divorce reforms; the struggle for power within the family from 1925 to 1975; approaches to the reform of
intestacy; the Children Act of 1948; and the early days of marriage conciliation, amongst others.
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