Nicolas Tredell · ISBN 9781137134769
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Publisher Springer Nature
Author(s) Nicolas Tredell
Edition 1
Published 05152006
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Macbeth is the most concentrated and intense of Shakespeare's tragedies. This dark, thrilling drama of intrigue, witchcraft and murder can be seen as a profound exploration of evil, a powerful study of psychological turmoil, a penetrating examination of urgent political issues and a searching enquiry into masculinity and femininity. Over four centuries, the play has attracted a huge body of commentary, generated a wide range of fascinating interpretations and provoked vigorous controversy. In this Reader's Guide, Nicolas Tredell considers the key critical responses to Macbeth from the early seventeenth to the twenty-first century. He provides concise accounts and assessments of the most vital commentaries and interpretations, setting them in their critical, theoretical and historical contexts. Lively and authoritative, this survey is an invaluable resource for students, teachers and all those who wish to deepen their grasp of the crucial concerns of Macbeth criticism and to engage in the ongoing critical debates about the play.
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