Managing Inter-Organizational Relations

Jörg Sydow; Elke Schüßler; Gordon Müller-Seitz · ISBN 9781137370037
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Publisher Bloomsbury UK
Author(s) Jörg Sydow; Elke Schüßler; Gordon Müller-Seitz
Edition 1
Published 2017-09-16
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Inter-organizational relations are increasingly important in today's organizational landscape. The management of these relations requires unique understandings and capabilities. Hence it comes as no surprise that the formation, purpose and management of inter-organizational relations are a vital part of most curricula in the fields of business, economic geography, sociology, and policy studies. Managing Inter-Organizational Relations offers both a thorough review and innovative systematization of the main theoretical debates surrounding different forms of inter-organizational relations – and of the challenges of their management. With a unique collection of cases from around the world addressing different managerial issues, it provides a pioneering and comprehensive analysis of different types of inter-organizational collaboration, including strategic alliances, joint ventures, regional clusters, global value and supply chains, and project as well as innovation networks. Key features: - Contains up-to-date empirical research. - Utilises an innovative structure of debates and cases. - Packed with a wide-ranging collection of international case studies and examples. - Offers a unique managerial perspective on inter-organizational relations across different types or forms of collaborative governance.
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