Mathematics Galore!

Christopher Budd, Christopher Sangwin · ISBN 9780198507703
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Christopher Budd / Christopher Sangwin
Subtitle Masterclasses, Workshops and Team Projects in Mathematics and its Applications
Published 1st May 2001
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Masterclasses, Workshops and Team Projects in Mathematics and its Applications

'What a good read for anyone interested in mathematics... historical stories link beautifully to work involving different bases and give good introductory stories for lessons in number work... Whether you are a teacher in a junior or secondary school this book offers some interesting starting points in areas of mathematics not normally covered in the standard school curriculum... the author's style is very engaging.' -Mathematics TODAY
'As Obi-Wan Kenobi said about the Light Sabre in Star Wars, a slide-rule is an ancient weapon from a more civilised age' State Budd and Sangwin in their book Mathematics Galore... placed in the right hands [the book] is a powerful weapon. May the force be strong with readers. was there ever a more civilised age when mathematics was taught as eclectically as this?' -Plus Online Magazine
'This is a book which anyone with an interest in mathematics should enjoy, particulary those looking for innovative teaching ideas.' -Education in ChemistryThis book is a series of self-contained workshops in mathematics which aim to enthuse and inspire young people, their parents and teachers. Each chapter describes how novel mathematical ideas relate to real life, and includes problem sheets, their solutions, ideas for further work, projects and field trips. The book, written in an informal style, is accessible to young people from age thirteen upwards and contains material which should stretch the brightest students.
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