Mental Health in Primary Care

Andrew Elder, Jeremy Holmes · ISBN 9780198508946
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Andrew Elder / Jeremy Holmes
Subtitle A New Approach
Published 1st October 2002
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A New Approach

This book, whose contributors uniquely include leading figures from the world of both primary care and psychiatry, brings together the best of contemporary psychiatry with a deep understanding of the realities, challenges and opportunities of general practice. The reader is taken from the first-hand experience of the encounter with the psychiatric patient in the GP consulting room, through the stresses and strains of such work, to the wider primary care mental health team of counselling, family therapy and group dynamics, and finally to specific disorders such as psychosis, eating disorders, depression, suicide, and trauma as they present in the primary care setting. The book ends with practical guidance in the use of psychotropic drugs and psychological treatments in primary care.
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