Monetary Policy

Peter Bofinger · ISBN 9780199240579
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Peter Bofinger
Subtitle Goals, Institutions, Strategies and Instruments
Published 1st November 2001
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Goals, Institutions, Strategies and Instruments

'A comprehensive user's guide to monetary policy... a noble endeavour to improve understanding of the 'dark art', to gather all the strands together so that this book is one that both practitioners and non-practitioners alike can benefit from. While central bankers will find it a valuable resource, academics will find it a useful work of reference and it should become a requisite handbook for students of central banking... It is his [Bofinger's] blend of analysis of institutional practice within a theoretical framework that makes his book so useful.' -Central Banking Journal
'This book is a must for those who are concerned deeply with monetary policy, whether it is an academic or practitioner interest.' -Financial Times DeutschlandThis book provides an in-depth description and analysis of monetary policy in Europe and the United States. Focusing specifically on the European Central Bank, it offers one of the first comprehensive guides to understanding the targets, strategy, and instruments of the ECB.
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