Francis Katamba; John Stonham · ISBN 9781137111319
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Publisher Bloomsbury UK
Author(s) Francis Katamba; John Stonham
Edition 2
Published 05292018
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This popular introductory textbook offers a lively and comprehensive introduction to current morphological theory and analysis, enabling beginners to approach current literature in the subject with confidence. Part I develops students' understanding of traditional and structuralist notions of word structure and provides them with a firm grounding in word structure and word formation. Part II explores the relationship between morphology and phonology, while Part III looks at morphology in relation to syntax and the lexicon. Numerous practical exercises which involve formulating hypotheses and testing them against linguistic data cement the reader's understanding of the field. This accessible introduction to morphology is an ideal resource for students of English and linguistics and their teachers. New to this Edition: - Fully revised throughout, with updated discussions to reflect changes in the field and an expanded list of suggestions for further reading - Brand-new chapter on Optimality Theory
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