Myths and Memories of the Nation

Anthony D. Smith · ISBN 9780198296843
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Anthony D. Smith
Published 1st January 2000
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'Why is it that so many people remain so deeply attached to their ethnic communities and nations at the close of the second millennium? Why do myths, memories, and symbols of the nation command such widespread loyalty and devotion?' These are the central questions answered eloquently and convincingly by Professor Smith in his latest work.' -Nations and Nationalism
'Myths and Memories of the Nation is a great collection of articles that concern nations and nationalism, and it raises many compelling questions while provoking thought and debate... this is a book that can be especially valuable for those who will use it as an introduction to Smith's work, for those who are interested in a broad overview of issues concerning national identities, and for those who enjoy Smith's work but have been unable to trace it in the different journals where it appeared in the last decade.' -The Global Review of Ethnopolitics
'A complex yet lucid framework for understanding issues concerning nations and nationalism... interesting insights and pithy articulations... there are some gems to be found in every article.' -The Global Review of Ethnopolitics
'Anthony Smith is a great categorizer and analyst, with remarkable historical knowledge.' -Ethnic and Racial Studies
'Fine collection of essays... a rich and thought-provoking work.' -Political StudiesThe book examines the interest in and attachment to nationality and the idea of nation in the light of recent increases in ethnic conflict around the world. The book examines how the myths, memories and symbols of the nation define our identities, the depth of ethnic attachment, and the persistence of nations to this day.
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