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Nelson iScience for the Australian Curriculum Year 8 (Student Book with 4 Access Codes)

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  • Author(s)Sandra Bishop
  • Edition1
  • Published13th January 2012
  • PublisherCengage Learning
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The Nelson iScience series fully meets the requirements of the Australian Curriculum with full integration of the three strands: Science Inquiry Skills, Science as a Human Endeavor and Science Understanding. It contains new, up-to-date, engaging and innovative science in an easy to use design. Nelson iScience assists teachers who are looking for a fully developed program that flawlessly embeds ICT into teaching practice. Many students enter the classroom skilled in utilising a large array of technology; Nelson iScience provides these students with a means to use and expand upon these skills to assist them in learning. It will assist teachers and students to use ICT to: inquire, create, communicate and collaborate. Nelson iScience also encourages students to develop safe and ethical work practices when using ICT. Nelson iScience will be available in both print and digital formats. The Nelson iScience Teacher Resource will support teachers who are less confident with ICT, making their classes more engaging and increasing student understanding. It will be available in printed format with a NelsonNet Teacher Website. Online Resources for NelsonNet NelsonNetBook contains links to: ' workspaces where students complete their class or homework ' extra activity sheets to enrich and extend student learning ' videos, animations, audios and interactive quizzing to enrich the learning experience ' Connection sheets integrating the skills from other KLAs within Science.
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