Oxford Handbook of the Politics of International Migration

Marc R. Rosenblum, Daniel J. Tichenor · ISBN 9780190692223
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Publisher Oxford University Press USA
Author(s) Marc R. Rosenblum / Daniel J. Tichenor
Published 29th May 2018
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In The Oxford Handbook of the Politics of International Migration, leading migration experts Marc Rosenblum and Daniel Tichenor gather together 29 field specialists in an authoritative volume on the issue. Integrating the perspectives of the wide variety of fields that hold a stake in the study of migration-political science, sociology, economics, anthropology-this book presents an unprecedented interdisciplinary look at an issue that defines the modern
era: the large-scale movement of people across international borders.The volume begins with three chapters analyzing the origins and causes of migration, including both source and destination
states. The second section then asks: what are the consequences of migration at both ends of the migration chain? Chapters in this section consider economics, the effects of migration on parties and political participation, and social and cultural effects. A third group of chapters focuses on immigration policy. These include primers on the history and dimensions of migration policy, as well as examinations of the effects of public opinion, interest groups, and international relations on
policymaking. The volume then considers aspects of the immigrant experience: segmented assimilation among Asian Americans, histories of U.S. immigrant incorporation and of race and migration,
transnationalism, and gendered aspects of migration. Finally, five chapters examine contemporary issues, including transborder crime and terrorism, migration and organized labor, international regionalism, normative debates about citizenship and immigration, and the recent history of U.S. immigration policymaking.Covering the major questions and challenges related to the issue, The Oxford Handbook of the Politics of International Migration is a comprehensive
resource for students, scholars, and policy experts alike.
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