Peasants and Governments

David Bevan, Paul Collier, Jan Willem Gunning · ISBN 9780198286219
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) David Bevan / Paul Collier / Jan Willem Gunning
Subtitle An Economic Analysis
Published 25th January 1990
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An Economic Analysis

This book is the first of two companion volumes by these authors on trade shocks in controlled economies. Both theoretically innovative and drawing on extensive applied work, it addresses a number of issues in the forefront of economics, principally the relationship between macro and micro economics, by analysing the impact of an external macro shock - the coffee price boom - on each of two developing countries which have much in common but whose governmental
organizations and objectives differ sharply.The authors focus on three important ways in which governments affect peasants: setting crop prices; controlling access to consumer goods;
and provision of public services. They address these three areas using microeconomic analysis and household survey data collected in Kenya and Tanzania. Much of the analysis is relevant for a wide class of developing countries.
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