Performance or Compliance?

Christopher Pollitt, Xavier Girre, Jeremy Lonsdale, Robert Mul, Hilkka Summa · ISBN 9780198296003
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Christopher Pollitt / Xavier Girre / Jeremy Lonsdale / Robert Mul / Hilkka Summa / Marit Waerness
Subtitle Performance Audit and Public Management in Five Countries
Published 1st September 1999
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Performance Audit and Public Management in Five Countries

Performance audit, as practised by national audit offices, is a relatively recent and rapidly developing set of activities. Auditors claim to have moved beyond issues of compliance and regularity and to be able directly to investigate the efficiency and effectiveness of public programmes, projects, and institutions. These are developments with considerable implications for both democratic accountablility and managerial efficiency. Until now
they have received little independent scrutiny, but in this book an international team of researchers analyses the growth of performance audit in five countries: France, Finland, The Netherlands,
Sweden, and the UK. It is argued that audit offices face a series of strategic choices, and that in different countries they have thus far chosen somewhat different trajectories.
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