Planning and Diversity in the City

Ruth Fincher; Kurt Iveson · ISBN 9781137069603
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Publisher Bloomsbury UK
Author(s) Ruth Fincher; Kurt Iveson
Edition 1
Published 08242017
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Planning theory and practice has become more conscious in recent times of the need to cater for a diverse range of needs and preferences. But there has been less clarity about what goals and objectives should inform planning for such diversity. In this important new book Ruth Fincher and Kurt Iveson identify three distinct working principles of planning for diversity: redistribution, recognition and encounter. Each principle is the subject of a pair of chapters. The first explaining the principle and the second showcasing and comparing efforts to shape cities according to it, drawing on relevant examples from around the world. Planning for Diversity is the ideal introduction to the issues that surround diversity and planning and provides a stimulating new line of advance for reducing inequality and working towards 'just diversity' in cities. Ruth Fincher is Professor of Geography at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Kurt Iveson is Lecturer in Urban Geography at the University of Sydney, Australia.
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