Public Policy and the Economy since 1900

Jim Tomlinson · ISBN 9780198287742
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Jim Tomlinson
Published 8th April 1993
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This comprehensive new study gives a full account of the formulation of British economic policy in the twentieth century, drawing on the most recent research based on documents made available under the thirty-year rule to give detailed insight into policy-making in the 1950s and bringing the narrative right up to the end of the 1980s. The book offers both a lucid narrative description of the evolution of policy from the turn of the century
through the First World War, recovery, the Depression, the Second War and its aftermath, the `Keynesian Revolution', and the shifts and about-turns of more recent decades, and a coherent analysis of these
processes. Covering both macro and micro issues, the text is structured in such a way as to give due weight to all the various influences at work: institutional aspects, such as the changing role of policy-making ministries, as well as political debate and economic theory.
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