Public Relations in Practice

Kate Kurtin · ISBN 9780190912079
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Publisher Oxford University Press USA
Author(s) Kate Kurtin
Published 25th January 2019
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Bring guest lectures into the classroom with Public Relations in Practice, a collection of practitioner stories that take students behind the scenes of the industry. It offers a series of case studies by PR professionals from diverse areas of the field that give students a snapshot of daily life in that area of PR.This approach moves beyond the reach of a traditional textbook by presenting the personal and practical characteristics needed to succeed in the field. These practitioners discuss their paths, their experiences, what they wished they had known, and practical tips for breaking into the industry.KEY FEATURESContemporary views and cases give students an insight into real-life, authentic public relations scenariosEach case features a distinct voice from public relations professionals, exploring different perspectives on multiple experiences and asking students to engage in their fieldThoughtful, practical cases across the country provide a variety of professional experiences.
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