Representing Organization

Simon Lilley, Geoffrey Lightfoot, Paulo Amaral M. N. · ISBN 9780198775416
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Simon Lilley / Geoffrey Lightfoot / Paulo Amaral M. N.
Subtitle Knowledge, Management, and the Information Age
Published 1st June 2003
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Knowledge, Management, and the Information Age

This work attempts to bridge the gap between the abstractions of current theories of organization and the somewhat excessively grounded material that forms the bulk of literatures within the information systems and knowledge management communities. It provides a theoretically informed analysis of the organizational impact of information technologies by examining and commenting upon the myriad ways in which various actors, organizations, and environments are represented through these technologies. The book deploys a number of different theoretical lenses (including systems theory, social constructivism, labour process theory, post-structuralism and actor network theory) that offer complementary and contrasting insights into the computerization of (managerial) work and its administration, and uses these theories to consider real examples of the development and implementation of knowledge and information systems.
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