Research Methods for Social Psychology

Dana S. Dunn · ISBN 9781118406052
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Publisher John Wiley & Sons Inc (US)
Author(s) Dana S. Dunn
Edition 2
Published 6th December 2012
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The 2nd edition of Research Methods for Social Psychology
offers information on how to conduct empirical research in social
psychology. The author teaches readers to think like experimental
social psychologists, that is, to use or develop explanatory
theories and to manipulate and measure variables in order to
explain the origin or purpose of some aspect of social life. It
provides information to perform research projects on human social
behavior from start to finish, from selecting a research topic to
collecting and analyzing data to writing up and the results using
the American Psychological Association?s required format
(i.e., APAstyle). Along the way, they will learn about the
particular ethical issues social psychologists face, the logic of
experimental design, alternative research approaches, sorting
accuracy from error in research, and how to orally present their
findings, among other issues.

This book contains up-to-date scholarship and emphasizes active
learning through pedagogical activities and exercises designed to
help students design and execute their own social psychological

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