Research Methods in Clinical Psychology

Chris Barker, Nancy Pistrang, Robert Elliott · ISBN 9781118773208
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Publisher John Wiley & Sons (UK)
Author(s) Chris Barker / Nancy Pistrang / Robert Elliott
Subtitle An Introduction for Students and Practitioners
Edition 1
Published 11th December 2015
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An Introduction for Students and Practitioners

Fully updated to reflect the latest developments, the third edition
of Research Methods In Clinical Psychology offers a
comprehensive introduction to the various methods, approaches, and
strategies for conducting research in the clinical psychology

  • Represents the most accessible, user-friendly introduction to
    conducting and evaluating research for clinical psychologists and
    related professionals

  • Ideal for students and practitioners who wish to conduct their
    own research or gain a better understanding of published

  • Addresses important issues such as philosophical underpinnings
    of various methodologies, along with socio-political issues that
    arise in clinical and community settings

  • Step-by-step guidance through all phases of a clinical
    psychology research project?from initial concept and
    groundwork, through to measurement, design, analysis, and

  • Updates to this edition include new or expanded coverage of
    such topics as  systematic review and literature searching
    methods, modern psychometric methods, guidance on choosing between
    different qualitative approaches, and conducting psychological
    research via the Internet

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