Restructuring Networks in Post-Socialism

Gernot Grabher, David Stark · ISBN 9780198290209
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Gernot Grabher / David Stark
Subtitle Legacies, Linkages and Localities
Published 1st November 1996
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Legacies, Linkages and Localities

This book is about change in Central and Eastern Europe, and how we think about social and economic change, more generally. In contrast to the dominant 'transition framework' that examines organizational forms in Eastern Europe according to the degree to which they conform to, or depart from, the blueprints of already existing capitalisms, this book examines the innovative character, born of necessity, in which actors in the post-socialist setting are restructuring
organizations and institutions by redefining and recombining resources. Instead of conceiving these recombination as accidental aberrations, it explores their evolutionary potentials. The starting
premise of Restructuring Networks is that the actual unit of entrepreneurship is not the isolated individual personality but the social networks that links firms and the actors within them. Drawing insight from evolutionary economics and from the new methods of network analysis, leading sociologists economists and political scientists present their findings from Hungary, Poland, Eastern Germany, Russia and the Czech Republic.
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