Scotland and America, c.1600-c.1800

Alexander Murdoch · ISBN 9781137108357
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Publisher Bloomsbury UK
Author(s) Alexander Murdoch
Edition 1
Published 2009-12-18
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While the literature relating to Scottish contact with America has grown significantly in recent years, the influence of America on Scotland and its early modern history has been neglected in favour of a preoccupation with Scottish influence on the formation of North American national identities. Alexander Murdoch's fascinating new study explores Scottish interactions with North America in a desire to open up fresh perspectives on the subject. Scotland and America, c.1600-c.1800 - Surveys the key centuries of economic, migratory and cultural exchange, including Canada and the Caribbean - Discusses Scottish participation in the Atlantic slave trade and the debate over its abolition - Considers the Scottish experience of British unionism with respect to developing American traditions of unionism in the U.S. and Canada Incorporating the latest research, this is essential reading for anyone interested in the dynamic relationship between Scotland and America during a key period in history.
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