Sepulchre of Christ and the Medieval West

Colin Morris · ISBN 9780199237661
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Colin Morris
Subtitle From the Beginnings To 1600
Published 1st January 2008
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From the Beginnings To 1600

The tomb of Christ at Jerusalem was a vital influence in the making of Western Europe. Pilgrimage there influenced the development of society and its structures. The desire to 'bring the Sepulchre to the West' in copies or memorials shaped art and religion, while the ambition to control Christ's tomb was a central objective of the crusades. Western Europe responded to the loss of Jerusalem by creating a new pilgrimage to the East, by making kingdoms 'holy lands'
for their subjects, and by creating new pilgrim centres at home. This book brings together social, political, and religious themes often considered in isolation.
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