Seventh Sense

Peter Kivy · ISBN 9780199260027
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Peter Kivy
Subtitle Francis Hutchenson and Eighteenth-Century British Aesthetics
Published 1st March 2003
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Francis Hutchenson and Eighteenth-Century British Aesthetics

The Seventh Sense is the definitive study of the aesthetic theory of the great eighteenth-century philosopher Francis Hutcheson, arguably the founder of the modern discipline of aesthetics, and one of the most important figures of the Scottish Enlightenment. This new edition brings Peter Kivy's seminal work back into print, substantially expanded by the addition of seven essays, which deal primarily with Hutcheson's relation to other thinkers, and his
influence on eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century aesthetics.Part I of The Seventh Sense presents a detailed analysis of Hutcheson's aesthetic theory. Part II traces the considerable
influence of Hutcheson's theory up to the early years of the nineteenth century. Part III is a new and substantial addition to the original work, collecting Peter Kivy's essays on this topic since the first edition appeared, which deal primarily with Hutcheson, David Hume, and Thomas Reid. Philosophers of art, historians of philosophy, and historians working on eighteenth-century European art and culture will find this new edition an invaluable resource.
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