Social Causes of Health and Disease

William C. Cockerham · ISBN 9780745661209
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Publisher John Wiley & Sons (UK)
Author(s) William C. Cockerham
Edition 1
Published 14th December 2012
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In this stimulating book, William C. Cockerham, a leading
medical sociologist, assesses the evidence that social factors
(such as stress, poverty, unhealthy lifestyles, and unpleasant
living and work conditions) have direct causal effects on health
and many diseases.

Noting a new emphasis upon social structure in both theory and
multi-level research techniques, the author argues that a paradigm
shift has been emerging in 21st-century medical sociology, which
looks beyond individual explanations for health and disease. The
field has headed toward a fundamentally different orientation, and
Cockerham?s work has been at the forefront of these changes.
The second edition of his compelling account has been thoroughly
revised and updated with further contemporary developments, and
also includes an expanded discussion of the relationship between
race and health as well as new material on health care reform and
social policy.

This engaging text will be indispensable reading for all students
and scholars of medical sociology, especially those with the
courage to confront the possibility that society really does make
people sick.
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