Social Movements and Networks

Mario Diani, Doug McAdam · ISBN 9780199251773
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Mario Diani / Doug McAdam
Subtitle Relational Approaches to Collective Action
Published 1st March 2003
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Relational Approaches to Collective Action

Social Movements and Networks examines the extent to which a network approach should inform research on collective action. For the first time in a single volume, leading social movements researchers systematically map out and assess the contribution of social network approaches to their field of enquiry in light of broader theoretical perspective. By exploring how networks affect individual contributions to collective action in both democratic and non-democratic
organizations, and how patterns of inter-organizational linkages affect the circulation of resources within and between movements, the authors show how network concepts improve our grasp of the
relationship between social movements and elites and of the dynamics of the political processes.
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