Sociology of the European Union

Adrian Favell; Virginie Guiraudon · ISBN 9780230343900
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Publisher Bloomsbury UK
Author(s) Adrian Favell; Virginie Guiraudon
Edition 1
Published 09162017
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Sociology of the European Union examines how core sociological theories, concepts and methods can be applied to the study of the EU. Carefully integrating theory and empirical research, the book: - Explores key concepts in European studies, such as Europeanization, integration and transnationalism - Assesses the social foundations of Europe, from class and citizenship to mobility and culture - Includes contributions by internationally renowned names in political, economic and cultural sociology - Contains a postface from George Ross, one of the leading figures in contemporary European Studies This thought-provoking book opens up new questions and debates whilst introducing readers to essential ideas and cutting-edge research. It is invaluable reading for students of Sociology, European Studies, Politics and International Relations.
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