Structure Determination from Powder Diffraction Data

W.I.F. David, K. Shankland, L.B. McCusker, Ch. Baerlocher · ISBN 9780198500919
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) W.I.F. David / K. Shankland / L.B. McCusker / Ch. Baerlocher
Published 1st March 2002
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Our understanding of the properties of materials, from drugs and proteins to catalysts and ceramics, is almost always based on structural information. This book describes the new developments in the realm of powder diffraction which make it possible for scientists to obtain such information even from polycrystalline materials. Written and edited by experts active in the field, and covering both the fundamental and applied aspects of structure solution from powder diffraction data, this book guides both novices and experienced practitioners alike through the maze of possibilities.
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