Technology Management and Public Policy in the European Union

William Cannell, Ben Dankbaar · ISBN 9780198290285
Technology Management and Public Policy in the European Union | Zookal Textbooks | Zookal Textbooks
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) William Cannell / Ben Dankbaar
Published 1st September 1996
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Important changes are taking place in the landscape of science, technology and industry. Policy makers and managers alike have been forced to develop new ways of thinking and acting to make the best of opportunities offered by technological change. This book discusses these challenges in the European context, drawing on probably the most systematic research into the issues carried out to date. Under the auspices of the European Commission a
research consortium of nine research institutes and universities interviewed and surveyed managers in over 250 enterprises across four main sectors in six different regions. This
book is the capstone of the investigation presenting the major findings and perspectives. It then goes on to analyse the particular technology management challenges faced in turn by large firms, technology intensive SMEs (`high tech firms'), and technology contingent SMEs. In each case specific policy recommendations are made at regional, national and Community level. Drawing on such detailed empirical work, this important but accessible book offers valuable information
and insight to academics, policy makers and managers concerned with the competitiveness and capabilities of European firms and regions.
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