Ten Essential Skills for Electrical Engineers

Barry L. Dorr · ISBN 9781118527429
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Publisher John Wiley & Sons Inc (US)
Author(s) Barry L. Dorr
Edition 1
Published 28th March 2014
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The book is a review of essential skills that an entry-level or
experienced engineer must be able to demonstrate on a job interview
and perform when hired. It will help engineers prepare for
interviews by demonstrating application of basic principles to
practical problems. Hiring managers will find the book useful
because it defines a common ground between the student's academic
background and the company's product or technology-specific needs,
thereby allowing managers to minimize their risk when making hiring

Ten Essential Skills contains a series of "How
to" chapters. Each chapter realizes a goal, such as designing an
active filter or designing a discrete servo. The primary value of
these chapters, however, is that they apply engineering
fundamentals to practical problems. The book is a handy reference
for engineers in their first years on the job.

  • Enables recent graduates in engineering to succeed in
    challenging technical interviews

  • Written in an intuitive, easy-to-follow style for the benefit
    of busy students and employers

  • Book focuses on the intersection between company-specific
    knowledge and engineering fundamentals

  • Companion website includes interview practice problems and
    advanced material

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