The Continuing Demographic Transition

G. W. Jones, R. M. Douglas, J. C. Caldwell, R. M. D'Souza · ISBN 9780198292579
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) G. W. Jones / R. M. Douglas / J. C. Caldwell / R. M. D'Souza
Published 1st January 1998
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From the perspective of human society, one of the most significant occurrences of the twentieth century has been the demographic transition --- the movement from tragic and wastefully high death and birth rates to low rates in many countries. Many other countries, however, are still at only the early or intermediate stages of this process. In these countries, means need to be found to accelerate the transition. This book brings new evidence to bear on aspects of the
demographic trasition, with contributions from leading demographers, anthropologists, sociologists, and historians. The book ranges widely over the history and current experience of both developed and
developing countries, with particular emphasis on Asia and Africa. The new field of anthropological demography is strongly represented, with contributions challenging much conventional wisdom.
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