The Contracting Organization

Simon Domberger · ISBN 9780198774570
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Simon Domberger
Subtitle A Strategic Guide to Outsourcing
Published 1st November 1998
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A Strategic Guide to Outsourcing

The Contracting Organization offers a clear and accessible guide to the theory and practice of contracting. Well supported by numerous case studies and examples, it is ideal for academics, students and practitioners wanting to understand ‘make or buy' decisions. Domberger looks at the way in which organizations throughout the world are increasingly contracting out—‘outsourcing'—many activities traditionally done in-house. Deregulation, cost reduction, a focus on core activities and the growth of the service economy all drive this process and are examined within this enlightening text. Contents: Part I: Organizations and Markets 1. Why make when you can buy? 2. The shifting boundaries of organizations Part II: Benefits and Costs 3. The benefits of contracting 4. The costs of contracting Part III: Contracting Strategies 5. Specialization 6. Value capture 7. Control and flexibility 8. Organizational change Part IV: Structural Change 9. Public sector contracting 10. Contracting and the service economy 11. The future of contracting 12. Conclusions Glossary 100 key business concepts associated with contracting, outsourcing, and strategy
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