The Growth of the Firm

Christos Pitelis · ISBN 9780199248520
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Christos Pitelis
Subtitle The Legacy of Edith Penrose
Published 1st January 2002
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The Legacy of Edith Penrose

'Presents a good balance in terms of perspectives and content... should appeal to a large audience of scholars from multiple disciplines, including business history, organisational economics, international business, and strategic management.' -Academy of Management Review
'Pitelis's book opens our eyes to the variety of contexts in which Penrose's theory of firm-level growth is applicable... Rereading Penrose (1959) after reading Pitelis's book should result in a different learning experience for the reader, who will connect the dots between Penrose's ideas and different research contexts more naturally.' -Academy of Management ReviewThis book celebrates the monumental contribution to economics, strategic management, international business, and more of Edith Penrose -- the first person to analyse the theory of the growth of the firm. She examined knowledge creation within firms, leading to endogenous growth and to limits to growth, and applied her insights to business strategy and industrial organisation. In this volume, eminent economists and management scholars assess, apply, and extend Penrose's contribution to new fields of enquiry.
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