The Kindness of God

Janet Martin Soskice · ISBN 9780198269502
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Janet Martin Soskice
Subtitle Metaphor, Gender, and Religious Language
Published 30th September 2008
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Metaphor, Gender, and Religious Language

Fathers, sons, brothers, kings. Does the predominantly masculine symbolism of the Biblical writings exclude women or overlook the riches of their spiritual life? If Christ is 'the second Adam' and the one on whom all Christian life must be patterned, then what about Eve? This book from a leading scholar of religious language and feminism opens up the Bible's imagery for sex, gender, and kinship and does so by discussing its place in the central teachings of
Christian theology: the doctrine of God and spirituality, Imago Dei and anthropology, Creation, Christology and the Cross, the Trinity, and eschatology.
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