The Law of Non-Contradiction

Graham Priest, JC Beall, Bradley Armour-Garb · ISBN 9780199204199
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Graham Priest / JC Beall / Bradley Armour-Garb
Subtitle New Philosophical Essays
Published 30th November 2006
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New Philosophical Essays

The Law of Non-Contradiction-that no contradiction can be true-has been a seemingly unassailable dogma since the work of Aristotle, in Book Gamma of the Metaphysics. It is an assumption challenged from a variety of angles in this collection of original papers. Twenty-three of the world's leading experts investigate the 'law', considering arguments for and against it and discussing methodological issues that arise whenever we question the legitimacy of logical
principles. The result is a balanced inquiry into a venerable principle of logic, one that raises questions at the very centre of logic itself. The aim of this volume is to present a
comprehensive debate about the Law of Non-Contradiction, from discussions as to how the law is to be understood, to reasons for accepting or re-thinking the law, and to issues that raise challenges to the law, such as the Liar Paradox, and a 'dialetheic' resolution of that paradox. One of the editors contributes an introduction which surveys the issues and serves to frame the debate.This collection will be of interest to anyone working on philosophical logic, and to anyone
who has ever wondered about the status of logical laws and about how one might proceed to mount arguments for or against them.
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