The Modalities of European Union Governance

Alun Jones, Julian Clark · ISBN 9780199241125
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Alun Jones / Julian Clark
Subtitle New Institutionalist Explanations of Agri-Environment Policy
Published 1st August 2001
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New Institutionalist Explanations of Agri-Environment Policy

Many interesting findings... The chapter on the Council of Ministers also deserves to be mentioned as an interesting and illuminating contribution... a well-structured and insightful analysis of policy making in the European Union which definitely deserves to be read not only by those interested in agricultural policy because it provides general insights into the policies of EU institutions, supported by a detailed analysis of agri-environmental policy making.
'In their insightful account of the European Union, Alun Jones and Julian Clark have provided exceptionally rich and innovative exploration of the complex institutional politics surrounding EU agri-environmental policy and the struggles over the CAP... they have written a book that speaks directly to contemporary debates in geography, sociology, economics, politics, and public policy.' -Professor Michael Watts, Director of the Institute of International Studies, University of California at BerkeleyThis book examines the operation of the EU and its institutions, providing an authoritative study of the processes surrounding the formulation, negotiation, and implementation of EU policy. Drawing on research with EU leaders, parliamentarians, and national negotiators, it offers a fascinating insight into the changing nature of the European integration project at the start of the new millennium.
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