The Politics of Telecommunications

Mark Thatcher · ISBN 9780198280743
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Mark Thatcher
Subtitle National Institutions, Convergences, and Change in Britain and France
Published 1st April 2000
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National Institutions, Convergences, and Change in Britain and France

'Excellent and rigourously researched study... Thatcher's penetrating analysis stresses the limitations, as well as the strengths, of the institutionalist approach... will be of considerable value to comparative political scientists in general and to analysts of public policy and political economy in particular.' -Convergence
'Without recourse to case law or social science jargon, this book will be of interest to political scientists and policy makers, as well as be a rich source of material for anyone attempting to gain a clear and intellectually sound understanding of the causes and dramatic changes that have taken place in recent European telecommunications provisioning history.' -Telecommunications Policy
'The Politics of Telecommunications should find a wide readership among those interested in politics, public administration or telecommunications policy design.' -Times Higher Education Supplement
'Thatcher's empirical approach, in conjunction with appropriate theory, will help policy-makers to tailor institutional mechanisms to the circumstances of each sector.' -Times Higher Education SupplementThis book examines and compares policy making in telecommunications in Britain and France over the last three decades. The book examines questions related to liberalization, regulation and the role of the nation state in an increasingly international economy.
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