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The Social Work Experience: A Case-Based Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare

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  • Author(s)Mary Ann Suppes / Carolyn Cressy Wells
  • Edition7
  • Published6th March 2017
  • PublisherPearson Education Heg USA
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For courses in Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare.


The Social Work Experience: An Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare introduces students to the social work profession and presents detailed descriptions of eight major fields of practice. The text provides in-depth information concerning major social welfare policies that are are presented in historical perspective, along with thorough discussion of current issues and probable future trends. Major case studies assist students in understanding how professional expertise can advance social-work practice and how enlightened social policies must be present if professional interventions are to be effective.

The first four chapters of the text introduce the social work profession, present theoretical perspectives on which professional practice is based, explore how the intersectionality of multiple factors impacts social justice issues, and then describe social policy issues in historical context. The following eight chapters describe eight major fields of practice along with the history of each one. 


A thorough and detailed case study begins each chapter, helping to illustrate social work practice in the respective field, and every chapter includes additional case studies to help students better understand the challenges involved in social work practice. The final chapter of the text explores the many probable challenges awaiting contemporary social workers given the social forces impacting society.

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