The Volume and Dynamics of International Migration and

Thomas Faist · ISBN 9780198297260
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Thomas Faist
Subtitle Transnational Social Spaces
Published 1st April 2000
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Transnational Social Spaces

'Thomas Faist's book adds momentum to this growing interest in migration studies and is an excellent example of how, in order to achieve best results and a more complete level of understanding, the study of migration needs to be approached from an integrated interdisciplinary perspective' -Progress in Human Geography
'In exploring the utility of the notion of social capital in the context of movement, and in his attempt to find an approach that can marry migration and post migration 'processes', Faist has opened up fruitful avenues of enquiry in keeping with the body of work developed by the North European school of transnational and migration studies' -Journal of Refugee StudiesThe book offers an innovative theoretical account of the causes, nature and extent of the movement of international migrants between affluent and poorer countries. The book also provides a conceptual study of migration decision-making and the dynamics of international movement.
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