The West European Party System

Peter Mair · ISBN 9780198275831
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Peter Mair
Published 12th April 1990
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The analysis of party systems in Western Europe has long constituted a major focus of concern in comparative political science. Many of the classic writings in this field have here been collected into a single volume. "The West European Party System" contains seminal writings by Weber, Neuman, Duverger, Kirchheimer, Daalder, Rookan and Sartori, as well as a selection from the more recent debates on changes in European party systems, including the contributions of Pedersen, Wolinetz and Inglehart. The collection as a whole covers the development, stabilization and transformation of party systems and includes some of the key analyses which have sought to distinguish between different types of party system. The essays are among the most widely-cited in the contemporary literature on comparative West European politics.
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