Trust Within and Between Organizations

Christel Lane, Reinhard Bachmann · ISBN 9780198293187
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Christel Lane / Reinhard Bachmann
Subtitle Conceptual Issues and Empirical Applications
Published 1st March 1998
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Conceptual Issues and Empirical Applications

In the current turbulent business environment, there is a premium on trust. It has become a much desired resource in business organizations, but at the same time it has remained a very elusive idea. How to build and preserve trust, how to cope with opportunism and distrust, and how they affect organizational performance are crucial problems. This original book is the first to offer a wide-ranging study of trust within and between
organizations from the perspective of several social and management sciences. The specially commissioned contributionsmany from well-known expertscombine theoretical analysis of problems around trust with
empirical study in a range of different organizations in contexts such as China, Japan, India, the US, as well as several European countries. The many issues covered by the book include the relationship between trust and power, trust and law, how to build trust where there was previously none, the impact of trust on performance, and the fragility of trust in different societal contexts. The wide theoretical scope, together with the range of organizational settings and
the rich empirical detail of behaviour around trust and opportunism, make this an important and instructive volume.
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