Understanding Eating Disorders

Simona Giordano · ISBN 9780199232956
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Simona Giordano
Subtitle Conceptual and Ethical Issues in the Treatment
Published 8th November 2007
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Conceptual and Ethical Issues in the Treatment

Simona Giordano presents the first full philosophical study of ethical issues in the treatment of anorexia and bulimia nervosa. Beginning with a comprehensive analysis of these conditions and an exploration of their complex causes, she then proceeds to address legal and ethical dilemmas such as a patient's refusal of life-saving treatment. Illustrated with many case-studies, Understanding Eating Disorders is an essential tool for anyone working with
sufferers of these much misunderstood conditions, and for all those ethicists, lawyers, and medical practitioners engaged with the widely relevant issues they raise.
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