Virus Dynamics

Martin Nowak, Robert M. May · ISBN 9780198504177
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Martin Nowak / Robert M. May
Subtitle Mathematical Principles of Immunology and Virology
Published 1st January 2001
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Mathematical Principles of Immunology and Virology

'... an excellent introduction to a field that has the potential to advance substantially our understanding of the complex interplay between virus and host' -NatureThis groundbreaking book describes the emerging field of theoretical immunology, in particular the use of mathematical models to describe the spread of infectious diseases within patients. It reveals fascinating insights into the dynamics of viral and other infections, and the interactions between infectious agents and immune responses. Structured around the examples of HIV/AIDS and hepatitis B, Nowak and May show how mathematical models can help researchers to understand the detailed dynamics of infection and the effects of antiviral therapy. Models are developed to describe the dynamics of drug resistance, immune responses, viral evolution and mutation, and to optimise the design of therapy and vaccines.
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