Work Out Numeracy

Ted Penketh · ISBN 9781349140992
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Publisher Bloomsbury UK
Author(s) Ted Penketh
Edition 2
Published 11111996
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A complete course for a working knowledge of basic mathematics which concentrates on the essential topics of basic examinations. This is the book for NVQ Core Skills at Levels 1 and 2 in Application of Number; AEB, UCLES, ULEAC, and City and Guilds Numeracy tests and exams, and for students of GCSE Maths at Basic Level. Each chapter covers a topic with: - a brief revision of the facts you need to understand - 2000 exercises with full answers - about 200 multiple choice questions For the new edition, the sections on percentages, graphs and surveys have been extended, and all topical issues are bang up-to-date.
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